Download Of Batch MP3 Converter :

The application Batch MP3 Converter does not need any installation at all - it is a portable one.

Owing to this, to make the application Batch MP3 Converter ready to be run on your system, you just have to unzip its archive into a folder (in which you have write privileges at the time it is unzipped; and execute privileges at the time it is run) and run it.

The name of the file you want to run is launcher_for_batch-mp3-converter.exe, but in systems that hide the extension of files, it will appear as launcher_for_batch-mp3-converter, without the final .exe suffix (in this latter case, the companion file launcher_for_batch-mp3-converter.exe.config will appear as launcher_for_batch-mp3-converter.exe, which is confusing, so, please, be alert, as naming this companion file in this way is mandatory by the Windows' CLR component).

As the application Batch MP3 Converter is a portable one and, thus, it can be run from a pen-drive, I have decided that it should not create shortcuts to itself (as when the pen-drive is not available clicking the shortcut will give an error). Thus, if you would like to have a shortcut to it you must manually create it.


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